A314 PheromoneI will start the review with A314 which deserves a lot of attention since it worked in the work environment and even in the dating environment. This was a truly legendary mix from Androtics because it worked so damn well. I was marked for years as “respect in a bottle” because it was just that. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Testing Results:
This was one of the 1st pheromones I bought from Androtics simply because I needed something to help drive my sales numbers. At that time I purchased rev29 and thanks to this, I became a believer in pheromones.

Since I meet people face-to-face this proved to be a great testing ground. Each time I met with business owners I wore A314, simply said, I was in control of the sales pitch every time. I was a huge fan of A314 until I noticed the changes over the years with the formula. 

For whatever reason Androtics seem to change the formula of A314 and it just wasn’t the same as previous revisions. Recently they ran out of some key molecules and the community waited 4 months for them to restock. To our surprise they came out with 2 new revisions “Royale v1” and “Naturelle”. I tested the Royale v1 for a solid week and it didn’t work.

Other forum members posted they saw ZERO results with both Royale and Nautrelle. Bottom line: this once beloved pheromone is no longer viable and is a total flop.


– I got a refund.


– Sadly A314 no longer works.

Critical Update:
For nearly 4 months there was a shortage of certain molecules for A314, making this classic unavailable. In mid August it comes back only for Androtics to pull the orders due to problems with the batch. The staff at Androtics never made a public announcement as to the “Why”. In the meantime the community was expecting a whole new REV. It went back on sale 09/21/2015 and when I received my order I got Royale v1 while others received Naturelle v1. There where two versions no one was expecting being shipped. I tested the new revision for a whole week and unfortunately A314 is no longer a viable product. The other members also report that Naturalle was also a dud. The respect that A314 was so famous for wasn’t there…it was like drinking warm flat soda. This is probably the biggest disappointment in a long time regarding a pheromone product.

At this time unless something major happens from Androtics, I can no longer stand by A314.  Both revisions turned out to be huge FLOPS.

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