11 Signs Pheromones Are Working

I want you to have real expectations when using pheromone cologne. Don’t expect that you get the same outrageous affect like those in the AXE commercials with hot chicks trying to rape you. Sorry, but pheromones don’t work that way.

Pheromones can and in many case will increase the odds dramatically in your favor. All you need to is look for the signs. To avoid any unrealistic expectations here are some IOS’s (indicators of interests) you should familiarize with.

Now that you completed all your prep work and selected the pheromones you want to use and followed the instructions to tested your sweet spot. You will need to find out whether or not they are working on the ladies.

The 11 IOI’s you need to be familiar with:

1) Multiple looks: Women are really no different than men. If a woman is looking at you more than once it’s because they are attracted to you. The key is to catch them looking more than once! A great way is to do the “eye test”.

Here is what you do: When you catch her looking turn you head away and as you turn smile. Then look back and if she is still looking with a big grin on her face – that is a sign she likes you! Real simple test ain’t it?!

2) Hair play: if you are engaged in conversation with a woman and she is twirling her hair – definite sign she is engaged in the conversation but more importantly she’s ATTRACTED to you.

3) Hovering: This is a fun one because once you start with pheromones there will be several situations where you may find a cute gal following you around or lingering close to you. Trust me this does happen.

4) Blushing: Sometimes if you are flirting with women she will blush. If you can do that you are evoking emotions in women that are powerful!

5) Eye dilation: If the black portion at the center of her eye (iris) gets bigger you are in luck buddy! She is just looking to be swept off her feet and then some.

6) Kino: If she initiates kino or slight touching that is a great sign she’s into you. However if she just lays her hand on your shoulder she may see you as a non-threatening male and just as a friend. Here is where a lot of guys mess up, now you know the difference so make note with your interactions with women.

7) Hanging around: If she sticks around it’s because she likes you. Even more so if in the course of the night she seems to get closer she is begging you do something.

8) The Smile: This has to be the simplest one to spot and doesn’t involve much for you to think about. She want you to approach….a very clear invitation.

9) Excuse me: If a woman asks you for any assistance in any way, such as, “Have you tried this drink before? I’m wondering if it’s any good”, she’s flirting with you. Women that lean more on the alpha side and unafraid will use this tactic often. Asking for help when it was not needed is just a woman’s way to catch someone’s attention.

10) Banter and laughing: Pay attention here fellas….if she’s laughing at all of your jokes and even the unfunny ones – that’s a powerful flirting sign. If a woman is attracted to a guy, she’ll be fascinated by anything that comes out of his mouth.

11) The Invite: This is an important one because too many guys blow it here. If your interaction is going well she may ask you, “Hey what are you doing next weekend?” If you answer to eagerly then you killed the attraction. Yep fellas, woman can be confusing as fuck. The trick is “push & pull” all you need to do is answer like, “Well not sure yet but I may be, let me get your number so we can link up”.

From the list the the top 7 are IOI’s really pay attention to when wearing pheromones (aka mones). These can be the most blatant once you can spot them. Once you engage a woman that was caught in your mone cloud this is where #9, #10 and #11 come into play. By no means are these the only 11 signs that exist but this is a great list to familiarize with and capitalize on.

Now that we covered some basic IOI’s when a women is interested you also need to familiarized yourself with the signs that she is NOT interested:

 – No eye contact (she’s bored)
– Arms crossed (she’s closed off)
– Leaning back away from you (she’s not into you)
– Looking around the room while you’re talking (she’s looking to be saved)
– Nodding instead of responding (not interested in what you’re saying)
– Giving one word responses (she wants it to end)
– Body shifted away from you (you’re aren’t getting laid)

If you see these signs just make a graceful exit, “okay sweetie I need to find my buddies you have a great evening” and make your exit. Don’t take it personal just brush it off and move onto the next.

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