• Top Rated Social Pheromones

    Top Rated Social Pheromones

    Seeking ‘social pheromones’ to increase your social/fun vibe amongst your peers? Here are several social pheromones products that will help.

  • Top Rated Status Pheromones

    Top Rated Status Pheromones

    If you are looking for an alpha/status pheromone to help in raising your status amongst your peers, here are three pheromones products that will help.

  • Xist Review

    Xist Review

    Have you been looking for that special pheromone blend that will break you out of the friend-zone? Read how XiSt can help you land the girl you…

  • Wolf Review

    Wolf Review

    Seeking to gain for respect from your peers and become leader of the pack? Click here and read this eye-opening review of Wolf.

  • Aqua Vitae Review

    Aqua Vitae Review

    Stop being 'invisible' to women and unleash the attraction BEAST with Aqua Vitae - there is no other like it!

  • New Pheromone Additive Review

    New Pheromone Additive Review

    New Pheromone Additive or “sex in a bottle” in incredible in bringing out the animal in her. Hands down....a must have for men!

  • Top Rated Seduction Pheromones

    Top Rated Seduction Pheromones

    An excellent breakdown of the best seduction pheromones available that will boost your sexual aura and increase your odds with women!

  • Pheromone Treasures

    Pheromone Treasures

    Reviews for Pheromone Treasures are finally here! See what this new kid on the block is offering.

Top Rated Pheromones For Men

Imagine...being able to attract any woman using pheromones that will have women noticing and approaching you!

Pheromone Essentials will be your personal guide in finding the top rated pheromones to attract women. Drawing my personal experiences over the past 17 years I decided to create this pheromone review site so I can review the best pheromones for men that will become your secret seduction weapon. Take advantage of your dating, social, and business life with the power of synthetic human pheromones. You'll learn how pheromones will give you that competitive edge that can drive more success into those areas of your life you want to improve on.

You'll be pleased that I pull no punches and all my reviews come with real in-field testing. Explore the site and read the reviews, you'll be surprised with what you'll learn.

Here is what you will learn from this site:

  1. Pheromone Reviews from reliable companies with pro’s and con’s for every product.
  2. The low down on the best pheromones for attraction, dating, status or social.
  3. Exclusive tips on hot pheromone combinations that act as a one-two punch.
  4. How to properly use pheromones and the #1 mistake you must avoid!
  5. Finally I’ll separate for you the best of the best in every category you’re looking to improve on…weather it’s improving your alpha status, social status or raise your sexual status we have it all.
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